Cyber Security ISO/IES Training In Ghana

What is Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks should be viewed as a strategic business risk, and hence the need to implement efficient and effective cybersecurity countermeasures. Organizations have to come up with risk mitigation strategies that will involve steps to reduce damage to their most critical assets.

Cybersecurity includes the protection of assets from threats mostly related to malicious and other human activity in the cyberspace. In this regard stakeholders are responsible for assessing all kind of risks taking into account threats and vulnerabilities and to define and select controls to counter and reduce risk at the acceptable level. The best approach to do this is to implement and consider industry security best practices and frameworks.

Level of Cyber security awareness in GHANA

The IT market in Africa and Ghana specifically generated revenue in the billions of dollars in 2014, and is likely to reach several more billion by 2019. Ghana is expected to show increase in spending on IT services, such as e-government initiatives, to enable fast communications and service delivery. Telecom and BFSI are key contributors to the growth of this market.

The market is not without some challenges as it evolved over the years. Some of the key challenges facing the IT market as a whole are low retention rates, lack of a skilled workface, inadequate infrastructure and a rise in cyber attacks.

Among all the challenges, cyber-attacks seem rampant and fast becoming a norm, thus, the importance of strengthening existing and forward-looking cybersecurity procedures to curb this menace and stop further losses faced by the industry.

In spite of these challenges, according to the National Cybersecurity Advisor, the readiness of the country to protect its cyberspace against national security threats is very low and unhealthy. He said that Ghana’s cybersecurity readiness was rated below thirty five per cent by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in a recent interview he gave.

The U.S. government has spent $100 billion on Cybersecurity over the past decade, and budgeted $14 billion for Cybersecurity in 2016. How much has Ghana spent in the last 5 years on improving her cyberdefenses?

Why Companies, Institutions and organizations need Cybersecurity experts with ISO certification

An effective way to confront Cybersecurity risks involves a combination of multiple strategies, taking into consideration the various stakeholders. Cybersecurity standards are generally applicable to all organizations regardless of their size or the industry and sector in which they operate.

Last year, the United States Ambassador to Ghana, Mr.Robert P. Jackson, said the US was committed to supporting Ghana’s efforts to strengthen its cybersecuritycapacity to enable Ghanaians educate and prepare themselves to successfully compete in this 21st century digital economy; adding that, this would help lift Ghana’s economy to new heights.

ISO Standards are among the most largely recognized all over the world. Individuals and organizations that hold ISO certifications demonstrate that they have gained the required knowledge, skill and competency in a specific area of expertise. In this particular case, managing the risks of cyber threats. ISO certifications help individuals acquire the expertise and competence needed to supportorganizations in the implementation of quality management systems, as well as information security governance standards and frameworks.

It has also been found in a global survey that ISO certified individuals are able to attract a higher salary than their non-ISO certified counterparts.

Briefly about the lead cyber security Training

ISO/IEC 27032 Lead Cybersecurity Manager training enables one acquire the expertise and competence needed to support an organization in implementing and managing a Cybersecurity program based on ISO/IEC 27032 and NIST Cybersecurity framework. During this training course, candidates will gain a comprehensive knowledge of Cybersecurity, the relationship between Cybersecurity and other types of IT security, and stakeholders’ role in Cybersecurity. This course is open to Cybersecurity professionals and IT professionals looking to enhance their technical skills and knowledge.

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Monday 5 March to Thursday 8 March (Instructor led classroom training)

9 am to 5 pm

Friday 9 March (Certification Exam)

11 AM to 1PM

Venue is The Impact Hub Accra F393/4, Otswe Street, Accra

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