The founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T.B Joshua has issued strong words of caution to his colleagues in the ministry, citing that they ought to be careful about the way and manner in which they collect tithes and offerings. T.B Joshua warned against using deceptive methods to coerce congregants into parting away with their hard earned monies, citing that monies collected that way tend to become evil.

He urged his colleagues to ensure that those who give out monies do so willingly thus from the depth of their heart and without any form of coercion whatsoever.

Speaking during a sermon which was televised on Emmanuel TV, the famous man of God said:

“It’s Scriptural to ask for offering and tithes but it has to come from the heart. Anything that does not come from your heart becomes a curse to the person you give… We ministers of God should allow the congregation to bless us, not curse us with their possessions.”

Touching on bribery and corruption, he also posited that the repercussions of such acts are severe and also urged his congregants to desist from the “get rich quick” mentality since nothing good comes easy.

He said:

“If you collect a bribe, you can’t get anywhere with it. You may be rich now but at the end of your life, you will cry. Let me suffer now and laugh tomorrow. Let me be poor now and blessed tomorrow. That should be the life we live. If somebody becomes so rich, if what he is having that made him to be rich is not from people’s hearts – it’s by corruption or bribery – you will cry for the person someday. If people that are collecting bribes know all of this, they will stop collecting bribes. The repercussions are not midway. They come at the end when we have no strength again to do the right thing. The money, mansions and possessions will collapse… The beginner is not the owner but the finisher. Whatever you do – remember where you are going.”

Alas! A man of God speaks out against corruption. So there you go! If you know you aren’t doing a genuine business, don’t bother paying tithes and offerings because at the long run they’ll become curses unto you!

Harsh reality, eh?