Adomaa – “I Don’t See Efya As A Competition”


Winner of the unsung category at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2016, Adomaa, known in private life as Joy Jasmine Adjeman has reacted to the many comments describing her style of music as boring.

In a lengthy post on facebook, the Afro-Jazz singer expressed her gratitude to her fans for the support and encouragement. She also revealed that though she finds it flattering to be compared to award winning singer Efya, she does not see it as a competition, stressing that Efya is rather her mentor.

Read what she posted on her personal facebook unedited.

The big weekend is over! Wow, what a rush! It’s been all sorts of everything. My head is still in the clouds… Sharing the stage with legends, performing on the BIGGEST stage in the country that was televised internationally… Sorry, but I’m still swooning! ?

Unfortunately though, I cannot do music to please every single person ?. Not everyone will like my style, my perspective, my voice even. It’s just the way of art and music in particular. Inasmuch as some genres are more popular in this country than others, there are still people that do not like those genres and that’s okay. Music is diverse. My genre is not mainstream, I know it and I embrace that. It’s who I am, and to be the best I can be, I can only stick with that.

I also simply cannot do song selections to please everyone, especially at this stage of my very young career. If I’d started with the mashups, there’d have been complaints as well. I had very limited time and thought it best to use this to showcase my original music to the world, instead of starting with a cover. It may not have endeared me to everyone in the crowd, but I was at least able to serve ‘me’ to you… and I am AFRO-JAZZ! ?

I enjoyed my performance on Saturday, but being the perfectionist that I am, there are certain notes I’d like to have hit more cleanly, certain movements I’d like to have done more of, more I’d have liked to do with the stage on the whole, but I have no regrets.

I’ve read a lot of the comments and feedback and a lot of you seem to have enjoyed the performance. God bless you.
Yes I was a little nervous, it was my first time on that stage, on such a platform, but by God’s grace it went pretty well and there’s always room for improvement.

Is there a lot more I can learn from the more experienced artistes that graced the stage on Saturday?
Of course yes!
Most definitely!
They were amazing!
Efya my mentor in particular. ?
I’m only just winning the Unsung and have only just started practicing the trade.
Though the comparisons are flattering, I don’t even see it as competition. I just arrived. I’m only just a year in. I am no Efya. I’m Adomaa ?.

I can only do me and get better everyday at doing and being me. The performances can only get better, as can the vocals. I’m just very grateful to God for the opportunity He’s given a shy girl with low self esteem (when it came to her gift) to display her gift to the world.
I can only continue to learn.

To my team, Vision Inspired Music, I say A HUGE thank you. This is a young team that has chosen to understand my kind of music and the direction I’m headed in, and help me come out of my shell to hopefully bless the world with what God has given me.
There would be no Adomaa if it weren’t for VI Music. To my CEO, Evans Kafui Offori most especially… ????

To the Adomaniacs out there, you’re simply amazing, the support is impossibly MASSIVE! (My God!) There truly is no way to say thank you.
To all those who only recently learnt of my music and like it ?welcome to the family. I’m glad I could bless your ears and heart.

I promise you, in a couple of years, Afro-Jazz will trend cuz this butterfly ain’t about to stop fluttering! ???