I’ve Never Tasted Alcohol – Koo Fori Reveals

During the period he worked as an actor, Seth Kwabena Kyere Karikari, famously known as Koo Fori almost always took on the role of a drunkard. So married was he to the role to the extent that he became a simile: as drunk as Koo Fori – and he was excellent at it too!

Fast forward to 2020 and Koo Fori has revealed that contrary to widespread perceptions which stems from his movie role as a drunkard, he has never tasted alcohol.

During an interview on Hitz FM, he explained that his body got physiologically adapted to being drunk hence the profuse sweating anytime he played the role of a drunkard.

“I have never drunk alcohol before, Never in my life. Immediately I get into the act of a drunkard, I begin to sweat and I do not know where it comes from. Psychologically, it has taken effect on me”.