Here’s Why Koo Fori’s Mum Wept The First Time She Saw Him On TV

The joy of every parent is to see his/her child appear on a Television screen….. at least, especially when the child in question is an actor.

But the story wasn’t the same for Seth Karikari, who’s widely known as Koo Fori. Shockingly, upon seeing him on the television’s screen for the very first time, Koo Fori’s mum wept. Wonna know why? Let’s keep digging!

Definitely, Koo Fori’s mum would have expected that his son played the role of a wealthy man or any other “positive” character but she was reduced to tears when she realized that her son’s first appearance on the television was as a drunkard.

Koo Fori revealed this during an interview on Hitz FM

He said:

” My mother cried bitterly the first day she saw me on TV, playing the role of a drunkard. I explained to her but it took her a very long time for her to understand. “

But wait! How long was the “long time”?