Dr. Despite’s mansion in Kumasi

In a startling revelation [if not accusation], Evangelist Kwame Addai, a controversial spiritual teacher has accused Dr. Osei Kwame Despite of diverting blood accrued from the Despite Group of Companies Blood Donation Exercise for spiritual rituals. According to the self -styled evangelist, the blood donation is rather done in aid of spiritual rituals needed to sustain and finance Dr. Despite’s vast wealth.

Evangelist Kwame Addai

He further accused Dr. Despite of being a 33rd degree freemason. In the video, he opined that Dr. Despite is neither a hematologist/oncologist nor doctor and so lacks the necessary knowledge to organize/supervise a blood donation exercise. This claim by the evangelist is very baseless. It is just like saying that one who doesn’t know how to drive cannot own a car. Does organizing a blood donation exercise imply that you directly involve yourself in the blood donation process? It is an open truth that the blood donation exercise is done in partnership with Ghana’s National Blood Service and so it is difficult to understand the basis of the evangelist’s accusations.

Dr. Despite’s cars purchased with hard earned money

On the 14th of July 2017, the National Blood Service, Ghana posted on its website that Despite Group Of Companies’ Mass Blood Donation Exercise recorded 1, 659 units of blood. It was further stated that the event which was held at the Police Training School in Accra recorded over 7000 participants out of which 1,689 people successfully donated blood. The management of the National Blood Service described the event as an improvement upon the previous exercise in 2016 which recorded 772 units of blood. This is clear evidence that proper records are taken during the blood donation exercise unless Evangelist Addai has proofs of the following:

1.The statistics provided by the National Blood Service are inaccurate.
2. Dr. Kwame Despite connives with the National Blood Service to divert some of the donated blood for his personal use.

In legality, he who alleges must prove and so if the Evangelist has proofs of the above, why hasn’t he contacted the necessary authorities in order to ensure that Dr. Osei Kwame Despite faces the music? In a lame argument, Evangelist Addai went on to ask why the blood donation isn’t done in a hospital. The answer is simple: Is there any hospital in Ghana which can accommodate over 7000 people at the same time whiles making provisions for musical concerts to be held without having any negative effect on the activities of the hospital?

The Children’s Block Donated To The 37 Military Hospital By Dr. Despite

Evangelist Kwame Addai went on to accuse Dr. Despite of using the children’s block which he built for the 37 military hospital for the sacrifice of children [the children vanish upon admission into the children’s block]. Again, this is another fictitious claim. Since Dr. Despite handed over that magnificent structure, has there been any report of children mysteriously vanishing from the hospital? Is this to be treated as a prophecy from this evangelist?

Side view of the children’s block

It is largely thought that the Evangelist uses such concocted stories to increase his followership on facebook and youtube to enable him rake in some more cash. The evangelist has made several claims such as: Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed and many others never existed but their stories are made up by fraudsters in order to enslave blacks.

Dr. Osei Kwame Despite is yet to respond to the Evangelist’s claims and I honestly think that Dr. Despite is too busy to respond to such wild claims from this self-styled evangelist.

It is more likely that the Evangelist is out on a mission against rich people as he has alleged that President Nana Addo, Ex. President John Mahama, Ohemaa Mercy, Bishop Agyin Asare, Bishop Dag Heward Mill, Prophet T.B Joshua, Samira Bawumia, Nkansah Lilwin, Kwaku Manu, Abeiku Santana, Cecilia Marfo, Nana Ama McBrown, Okyeame Kwame, Ernest Opoku and a host of others are occultists.

If the Evangelist has evidence of wrong doing from the people he mostly targets in his submissions on social media, it is only prudent that he reaches out to the appropriate security agencies. Until then, Evangelist Kwame Addai should zip up his lips.