Ebony Steals Portions Of Ofori Amponsah’s “Alewa” Song For “Date Ur Fada”

I’m not a music guru so I won’t talk about the “technicalities” of the song “date ur fada” which was released earlier by fastest rising dancehall artist Ebony.

Listening to the song, one would notice that part of the instrumentation seems a bit too familiar.

Well that’s because portions of the song are a complete sampling of Ofori Amponsah’s hit single “Alewa” featuring Sarkodie which was released 2 years ago.

There is nothing wrong with picking portions of people’s songs to inspire yours but it is more worrying when people do so without seeking consent and acknowledging the right owners.

Ebony and his team could have asked for permission from the owner of the beat, Ofori Amponsah, before using it. It’s his intellectual property and therefore makes it unethical for anyone to use it without his permission.

The song however since its release has received mixed-reactions from fans — with some expressing their worry about the message the song seeks to put across.

Listen to the two songs below and judge for yourself

YouTube video

Listen to Ebony’s song below!

YouTube video