Exposed: Shatta Wale Fingered For Hypocritical Criticisms Of Sarkodie

Sarkodie’s silence and Shatta Wale’s noise are the best ironies of life you’ll ever find. The latter has tried very hard to get the attention of the ‘Highest’ but the ‘Highest’ wouldn’t budge.

And I know that a lot of Ghanaians are also tired of Shatta Wale’s ‘needless’ publicity stunts…… But well, such musical beefs are asrenals in Wale’s attacking machinery – he just cannot do without stepping on someone’s toes.

And now, he has gone to the extent of tagging Sarkodie as a poor man who goes around begging for money. Wow!

But you see, time has it’s own way of vindicating people.

Shatta Wale has forgotten that three years ago, he commended Sarkodie for paying him 200,000 cedis…………

So Shatta Wale, where do you stand?

However, don’t be surprised if you hear of a collaboration between Shatta Wale and Sarkodie……..

Sometimes, good guys go ‘dirty’to win. After all, it’s show business, isn’t it?

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