Business is booming and Farcadi seems to be smiling to the bank each day, living off individuals who are very desperate to drain away every pint of melanin in their skin.

In a country where people especially celebrities are being chastised everyday for altering their complexion — it seems quite odd for these same group of people to find joy in striving to achieve a pale white skin complexion. Aren’t we hypocrites?

At age 22, Farcardi is on her way to becoming one of the most richest social media influencers in Ghana with her bleaching cream popularly known as “Farcadi Skin Scrub”.

Her product is working magic on the market and according to her it gets rid of dark spots and stretch marks — giving the user the perfect skin he/she deserves.

Interestingly, she serves as a living testimony of her product since she has been using it for years and she has the skin to show for it too.

The “skin scrub” which is nicely packaged in buckets has prices ranging from GHS100 to GHS200, with delivery being made worldwide. What makes her cream different from the ones on the market is that it comes in a form of soap/cream where users will smear on their skin 30 minutes before bathing, and thus the name “skin scrub”.

From what EonlineGhana.Com gathers after chatting with Farcadi, she sells at least 100 buckets of scrubs daily — so let’s do a quick Math here. Assuming she sells each bucket at GHS100 to 100 people a day, that is GHS10,000 in her bank. In a week she will be making about GHS70,000 X 4 = GHS280,000 a month. So taking away the cost of materials used and paying off her workers, we can only assume she is indeed making money moves each day.

She makes deliveries to Kumasi, Tamale, Accra and other parts of the country. Also, deliveries are made to the various University campuses such as Legon, UPSA, KNUST and others as the demand by the students is simply overwhelming.

She also has in stock bottles of knuckle oil which apparently removes black spots for the price of GHS100.

Again, her range of products also includes pink lip balms which she endorsed after self-testing on her lips for a week.

For the sake of credibility and to be deemed trustworthy by her buyers, she has registered her business under the name “Farcadi Glow”, with a certificate signed by the Registrar of Companies — so you can really say that she is in for business.

Testimonies on her page by people who have bought and used her products proves that they’re indeed happy clients and this is one of the many reasons why she will continue to smile to the bank everyday since the demand for her products keeps coming at an increasing rate.