PHOTOS: These Are The Worst Fashion Trends You Should Never Try

Fashion trends are influenced by several factors including political, economical, social and technological. Fashion trends just like music and movies come and go and in many case we find some trends which are so easy to hate.

Some people try the most daring styles and simply fail to impress. Below are the worst or fashion fails you should never try — and oh if you’ve already tried any of these then we advice that you burn those violations immediately.

1. Socks with Sandals – Ugh…literally.

2. Men UGGs – Girls wearing UGGs are already quite dreadful sometimes but men wearing them just goes over the line.


3. Saggy jeans – Nobody wants to see your boxers shorts for god’s sake. I don’t even know why this is appropriate attire for public.

saggy pants


4. Socks with high heels – Seriously, you don’t see anything wrong with this?



5. Full tracksuit outfits – Tacky and should stay in the 80s where they belong.



6. Diaper Pants – I don’t even know what these are actually called, but it looks like you got a shit-filled diaper on.



7. Popped Collars – I don’t care how cool you think you are, you’ll never pull this off.



8. Embroidered Pants – This is a real thing people.