Long Vacation Style Inspiration


Welcome to another style inspiration talk. This time, we are targeting the long vacation (aka long vac). By August, students from the secondary school and elementary would be on vacation. Students from some tertiary institutions would be on vacation.

Style is a very important consideration in a girl/woman’s life and the long vac is the perfect time to declutter, and try new things.

Today, we would be looking at how we can stay stylish during this period. Below are some outfit ideas for the period.



The long vac is the time most students do their internship. We need to look presentable and elegant. Internship is the opportunity to allow us to learn to dress the professional way



Apart from internships, some students do work. It is almost the same as internship but this one, you earn money. You still need to look profession, you know.

Vacation Classes

vacation classes

Some students use this period to go for classes whether it is JHS, SHS or just a certificate course. We are still in the academic spirit, so we need to stay simple for the vacation classes, just like this Kylie Jenner outfit

Lazy day in

lazy day

We all have those days when we become super lazy for no reasons. We do not feel like leaving our beds to hang out with friends. We just want to stay in bed, stalk friends, crushes and celebrities on social media. We can still be stylish in that mood.

Just dey

just dey

There are some days too, we are not lazy, neither are we in the mood for any fun. Staying stylish is still your goal. This outfit can be worn, even if you are running errands for someone



Being a Christian, our purpose is to make sure your our hearts are clean to worship our maker. But you still want to look good, right? This outfit is perfect for church services. It does not expose any part of the body and it is modest.



Long vac means parties, parties and more parties. It could be a birthday party, end of year party, family reunion and many others. Outfits like Berla Mundi’s own is perfect for such parties because it is not only comfy but elegant.

Chale wote

chale wote

The dates for the chale wote has been announced as you can see in the poster above. The outfit below is perfect for the festival as it is comfortable, and allows you to walk freely.



Apart from the Chale Wote Art festival, there are many tribal festivals that takes place in the area where you come from, or where you lived.

Work out

work out

Hey, do not forget that this is the period you would get time to work out, get healthy. Of course, you might want to spoil yourselves with ice creams and more ice creams, but looking cute in workout clothes can definitely motivate you to work out. Like this Kylie Jenner style



Ahh, yes. You have got people in your friend list or in your family who are getting married right. Maybe, they want the occasion to look more afrocentric. This African print dress can make you look like you are a part of the wedding, girl.

What are you planning to do during the vacation? What have you been up to? what are you planning on wearing?