Musician and Movie Director Kobi Rana has descended heavily on critics who find fault with him featuring unknown actors in his movies.

According to the multi-talented entertainer, he doesn’t really care whether you’re popular or not when he decides to give you a role, but rather what matters to him is that the person must be natural in his/her delivery.

“People have a problem with me working with new actors. As a director, I don’t care whether you are popular or not. You just have to be natural. Your favourite actor may not be talented to me.” he wrote

The actor who recently premiered his movie Chaskele also reacted to people who had a problem with him directing and at the same time acting in the same movie. He made reference to famous American actor Tyler Perry who is able to switch up roles in the same movie and receive applause for it.

“It is not about the actor. It is about the MOVIE. That is why Black Panther is nicer than Avengers. And Apocalypto is greater than Expendables. And they have a problem with me directing and acting. Tyler Perry plays 5 roles as a man and a woman in same movie he directs and you worship him. My role model Mel Gibson acts and directs for over 20years. ” he said

Kobi Rana also urged Ghanaians to stop finding flaws with his every move and support him. Read his post below

“Count me 2 actors in Ghana who can nail my role in Chaskele movie as I did. In fluent Twi and English. Stop finding flaws and support your own. Or take the easier option: shut up and watch”