Despite the malicious and unsubstantiated lies which have been propagated for a very long time against the Simpa Spartans of UEW, the annual handing over and dinner ceremony came on as scheduled. It was indeed a beautiful sight to behold as current students got the chance to meet the pioneers of the Simpa Spartans pressure group as well as other alumni. The handing over programme and dinner took place at the Dawadawa bar and restaurant on Saturday, the 28th of April 2018. It was a wonderful sight to behold as new members were welcomed into the Spartan fraternity amidst the normal “jama” which took place at the main JCRC of Simpa Hall. These are clear indications that Spartans as a pressure group is growing stronger than ever.

As intellectuals, we ought to ensure that we are always at the pinnacle of Benjamin Bloom’s taxonomy of learning which includes analysis and evaluation of knowledge. It is simply disheartening to hear university students base their arguments on hear-say. “If they say, what do you also say?” We must be prudent enough to apply our hearts to life-long study and observation so as to become people who are in charge of our own affairs and not people who lack direction and hence are susceptible to the movement of the wind.

Students need to be aware of the fact that per the students’ handbook, provision has been made for the appointment of the chairman of the pressure group at the hall level. In layman terms, there ought to be a pressure group in every hall with an appointed chairman. Is there any need for a pressure group to exist in universities at all? How different is UEW from other academic institutions?

Now, let me set the records straight. Can any individual point out on any occasion where he/she heard the Spartans of UEW sing any profane song during their numerous jama sessions? The essence of pressure groups is basically to provide an atmosphere for releasing stress accumulated from academic duties in order to harness the necessary motivation needed to function at a higher academic capacity. We ought not to look down on the effect of mood on studies. It is just extremely tactical to learn when you are in an excited state as it aids in faster retention of studied knowledge. Studies have proved that during aerobic physical activity (rhythmic body movement is inclusive), more oxygen is sent to the brain and that is why a Spartan who indulges in an activity as jama is at a psychological advantage in terms of studies and academics. Another exciting research also proves that rhythmic movements allows for both the left and right side of the brains to be activated. These are the scientific basis for doing what we do and it is not as if we have lost sight of our purpose for coming to the University.

Just like the historical Spartans, The Simpa Spartans are proponents of discipline and that is why it is very difficult to hear of mishaps occurring where the Spartans are present. The hidden curriculum brings to bare that due to the nature of institutions, certain traits are unconsciously learnt. The way Spartan meetings are conducted and orchestrated alone indirectly teaches their members that they ought to give respect to whom respect is due and be strategic in speech. These are indispensable and invaluable traits we cannot do without.
We must note that the university is a secular institution and so we must not give room to prejudice and discrimination of any kind. Freedom of association is a fundamental human right and so it is quite surprising that the basic rights of others will be denied them especially at this academic stage.
To develop to the highest level of maturity, we must not be controlled by what others tell us but we must be aware of the reasons why things are done. It is of no surprise that amongst the 8 founders of Simpa Spartans, five of them graduated with first class.
We are the Spartans and despite unfounded controversies against us, we will forever be strong, forge ahead and grow in strength through the unbreakable bonds of unity which we share!
Baiden Gideon
[email protected]