Being A Feminist Is Not A License To Hate Men — Anita Erskine

Anita Erskine has spoken out against feminists who believe they are at war with men, arguing that feminism is more about empowering women than tearing down men.

Erskine passed her comments during a recent episode of ‘Keeping it Real’, the talk show hosted by the award winning actress/TV host Joselyn Dumas.

Feminism and what it meas is one the big topics in Ghana in recent times. A new breed of feminists have sprung up and are taking on society in their bid to fight for women’s empowerment.

Running parallel to this movement is a separate conversation over whether this radical brand of feminism, which oftentimes seeks to blame everything on men, is more or less productive to the overall cause of women’s empowerment.

Speaking on the topic ‘Are Women Our Own Enemies?’, Erskine said feminism for her was a positive concept which centred more on a woman and her beliefs and abilities rather than looking to cast blame on men as the cause of everything wrong with women.

Erskine said she would unequivocally describe herself as a feminist, however, she does not see it as a reason to hate men.

“I love being a feminist…a feminist is someone who understands the basis of her beliefs, who is eager to teach another generation of women the rights and wrongs. A feminist is someone who is not afraid to share no matter what.” she said.

“…I don’t like how everybody gets up and calls themselves a feminist. A feminist is not someone who hates men. It’s like the moment they hear you’re married then you’re not a feminist.” she added.

Host Joselyn Dumas agreed that feminism lies in empowering women and not tearing down men, whilst the second guest, Christine Kastner, said the combative nature of the radical brand of feminists tick men off to the whole prospect of women’s rights.

“The thing is the women give that [negative] idea [of feminism] and even the men don’t like the sound of that.” Kastner contributed.

The conversation on ‘Keeping it Real’ continued between the three panelists, delving into issues affecting the relationships between women and why it often feels like women are their own worst enemies.

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