In terms of industrialization and private sector estate management, many companies have served the country in time past in the area of infrastructural development and the creation of other employment avenues, one of such companies that have been very instrumental in the real estate development of Ghana from the 80’s to late 2000’s is FRESSIBEY Company Limited.

Registered in Ghana in 1987, the company’s principal activities were estate development, estate agents and auctioneers, farmers and marketing of farm produce, general merchants and suppliers of general goods, importers and exporters of general goods, civil engineering.

The company from the time of its incorporation had successfully executed various government contracts through the government of Ghana in the areas of classroom blocks, rural roads and various structures that span the entire country. Some of its known clients were the district and municipal assemblies, GETFUND, and the private sector.

The company has estates scattered all over the country; however, after the demise of the founder and CEO, late Frank Osei Assibey, the company ceased to operate and unscrupulous people took advantage and encroached on the properties and assets of the company.

In an interview with Dwomoh-Doyen Benjamin; Public Relations Officer of the revived companies, he revealed that the new directors of the company are Franklin Osei-Assibey; the first son and administrator of the estates of the Late Frank Osei-Assibey, Jerrand Osei-Assibey; son of the late Frank Osei-Assibey, Michael Kobby Arthur; Personal assistant to the late Frank Osei-Assibey and Clement Kwaku Ampofo; an aid to the late Frank Osei-Assibey.

He reiterated that the move to revive the companies is a plan by Franklin Osei-Assibey to unite the children of the late Frank Osei-Assibey by rallying them all behind the running of their father’s estates and to further the legacy he left behind.

Another company of the late Frank Osei-Assibey that has also been revived by the Administrators is Crystal College of Nursing and Health Administration limited.

The new management of the companies with the help of the lawyers of the companies are taking inventories of the assets and liabilities of the companies and to effectively see to the smooth operations of the companies.

SUBMITTED By Barimah Amoaning Samuel