Fuse ODG Claims That He Can Rule Ghana Better Than President Nana Addo

H.E Nana Addo’s tenure thus far as President of Ghana brings about mixed feelings – some feel that despite the successful introduction of the free S.H.S, there’s still a lot more that needs to be done…….and that includes uk-based singer and songwriter, Nana Richard Abiona who’s known in the showbiz circles as Fuse ODG.

The ‘Antenna’ hitmaker made that assertion when he was engaged in a spat on Twitter when a user vented his anger at him for suggesting that prostitution ought to be legalized in Ghana.

In reacting to his claim that prostitution should be legalized in Ghana, the Twitter user who’s known as Nana Kwame Acheampong wrote:

“How will the nation develop wth such people like @FuseODG living in it.”

Fuse who’d have none of that also replied:

“I promise you I can run Ghana better than the current president! Don’t let these fake headlines fool u! Be open-minded! As you were.”

Fuse, you don’t really mean that……do you?