George Quaye Attacks Flowking Stone | Says He Is Immature & Desperate For Exposure

The just ended Tigo Music Unplugged 15 which took place at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi has brought us a lot of memories including Praye’s awesome performance since they decided to come back as a group.
The show which had a lot of artists such as Mzvee, Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, Flowking Stone and others on the bill was something you couldn’t afford to miss.
However, Flowking Stone after the end of the show has been trending online for exhibiting un-professionalism and childishness on stage. According to sources, Flowking Stone was not present as of the time he was supposed to perform per the running order of the show and as a result he had to be fixed somewhere. He therefore had a major problem with the stage managers as they kept signalling him to wrap up with his performance, something he did not like and therefore rather responded to it by childishly spewing some brand demeaning ‘garbage’ on stage.
TV personality and actor George Quaye took to his social media page to talk more about Flowking Stone’s attitude calling him childish, unprofessional and immature..
Read what he wrote below..

Indiscipline is;
1. When an artiste fails to report to event venues on time
2. Fails to understand, appreciate and accommodate the challenges of ‘his employer’ (whoever is paying for the gig he’s playing) and rather responds to it by childishly spewing some brand demeaning ‘garbage’ on stage.
3. Disrespects and plays the rather childish tribe card on stage because he refuses to understand the concept of ‘he that pays the Piper calls the tune’
4. When an artiste/his or her manager allows all manner of ‘hooligans’ to flood or flank his or her performance stage as though they desperately need that brief moment of fame to live till eternity.

Lack of exposure, coordination, craft and showmanship is;
1. When an artist mounts the stage with only a show CD and no art whatsoever.
2. When an artiste feels that at every opportunity, he or she must perform an entire album plus songs that haven’t even been written yet.
3. When an artiste refuses to gauge the response of his audience and perform accordingly.
4. When an artiste cannot tell the differences between various types of shows. Every show has its unique brand, identity, deliverables and expectations. You can’t play them all the same way.

And oh, finally, event organizers, me included should also learn to understand that having 101 artistes on one show, doesn’t always, necessarily make it the best show ever organized. Sometimes just a few very good artistes makes a show more memorable and appreciable. It’s always best to leave the fans/audience begging for more than asking themselves “when are we closing…?”

When his timeline was flooded with insults, he again replied by saying

Lol….please keep the insults flowing…Yes, I said flowing. A few childish baby rants won’t change the subject of the post above. The point is made and i totally understand that, but for a few of you, many cannot even comprehend what I’m going on about to make any sensible or matured comments so they resort to insults. It’s fine…its your level of thinking. I won’t sink into that gutter with you…neither will my friends nor cronies. They are observing and laughing. The artiste you rant, rave and cry so dearly of has only one tiny little part of the post addressing his CHILDISH act. Every artiste on the night was ‘begged’ to limit his performance time. But guess what, after your ‘King’s’ unnecessary outburst, he and everyone else that came after was allowed to finish thier full time. That’s how we ended up leaving the venue at 5am. Every artiste had a right to be upset. No single artiste was happy about being asked to cut down on his performance time. Some have even called it ‘sabotage’. But guess what? They were matured about it. They didn’t stand on stage to say anyone disrespected Kumasi. This concert was gonna happen in Accra again. We were all part of the group that argued strongly for it to be in Kumasi. Your King wasn’t even on the bill. We all made a case of talent, humility, creativity and fan base in his favour. Who knows, maybe we were wrong. So, alas…this is where we are. Thanks again for your comments…insults and all. Really appreciated.