TV personality and model, Deborah Vanessa aka Sister Deborah was on Live FM with host Jeremie Van-Garshong and during the truth or dare section of the show, the fashion icon was dared to eat 5 raw eggs in 15 seconds.. Yes! 5 raw eggs – do you think she completed the task? Watch the video below to find out! The show in the past has seen Mzvee been dared to draw eye glasses and a Mustache on her face with Toothpaste , with Afia Schwarzenegger also dared to put her hand in a bowl of iced cubes for 240 secs (4mins) and award winning rapper Sarkodie also dared to wear a wig — and we’re wondering who will be next to endure this absolute torture!

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Another highlight of the show was a challenge between Jeremie and Sister Deborah to draw a laptop with their eyes covered ???? Who drew it better? Vote Below!


WATCH NOW!!! @jeremie2131 dares @sisterdeborah to eat 5 raw eggs in 15 seconds. ??? ??? ???

Watch Video Below:

EonlineGhana.Com | WATCH VIDEO: Jeremie Dares Sister Deborah To Eat 5 Raw Eggs In 15 Seconds