Getting Ready: What to wear on your matriculation

Hello world!
To those of you who are about to be matriculated, Ayeeko! It is a wonderful moment, that you have entered school to enroll as a candidate for a degree or diploma. As life grows, things become sweeter (Quote me). So don’t worry, your graduation would be sweeter than your matriculation. Your wedding would be sweeter than your first job, then it goes on and on and on…..

Anyway, back today’s topic: Matriculation tips.

Let’s get started.

Ghanaian tertiary institutions usually set aside two days for the matriculation; one for the main event, which usually takes place on Saturdays, depending on the school, then the other day for thanksgiving (Sundays). We are only focusing on the outfits for the main event.

During matriculation, I suggest you wear some classy, not flashy outfit because you might want to take a whole lot of pictures with your new mates and friends.
Below are three outfit ideas for your matriculation.

For the “I love Africa” ladies.

african wear 1
For the “I love Africa” guys.

african wear, men
For the people who want to feel like a celebrity

mat 3 celebrity

For those who want to look. “I will work at the office after school”

mat 2



office wear for men

All the best in your tertiary life.
Are you a fresher? Sweetheart, tweet me a picture of your outfit /matriculation @MarieNoelGrant. I will reply and retweet and wish you all the best.