Ghana Celebrities Who Gamble a Lot

Ghana’s form of gambling is both secret and sensational. Gambling is the perfect recreation option for most common people and also for celebrities. They have their favorite pass time in placing bets and earning money. Moreover, with technological advancement gambling has become the best experience on the move with all things right and ridiculous at the same time. The celebrities bet with the slot machines and it is unlimited fun on the go. It can become an addiction even with the celebrities who never fall short of cash when betting. Betting is sensational to enhance your adrenaline rush once you start winning in a row. Many enthusiastic players opt for live games for excitement. Here you have the list of the plausible gambler of perfect African origin. 

Tiger Woods 

He is the most renowned and acclaimed golf player and he is tied for first in the PGA tour winning and he has ranked second in the male’s major championship. Woods being the golf star has the greatest passion for gambling. He possesses perfect gambling skills to win in cash and show his talent with sheer conviction and sportsman talent. He is ready to take all risks in betting and can score high in showing talent in the specific domain. He is the one to bet more than 25,000 dollars in a single game. The casino executives have been able to peg his overall gambling winning which is more than a million dollars most steadily. His gambling competence landed to an amount of $1 million with the sheer consideration of MGM Grand LA.

Michael Jordan

He is better called Michael Jeffrey Jordan who is an acclaimed basketball player and a reputed businessman at present. He is the sole owner and the perfect chairman in the case of Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association and he even has the experience of 23XI Racing as part of the NASCAR Cup Series. Jordan says that he has a competition problem. He prefers to bet on several things as it is part of his character and from golf, to cards nothing is out of his dictionary. Jordan is a close friend of Tiger Woods and he loves sheer chances of winning in the field of gambling. Betting is his style and winning is his character with all positive attributes to be a legend gambler in style. He loves challenging luck and this has made him do great things from the betting perspective down the years. 

50 Cent

He has his actual name as Curtis James Jackson III and professionally he is the most popular rapper along with being a popular songwriter and a successful television producer. He is also a renowned actor and entrepreneur having the good fortune to invest in betting. The celebrity is known for the perfect impact in the hip hop genre and he is popular as the “master of the nuanced art of lyrical brevity”. 50 Cents spends lots of money in the gambling field. He is popular for doing sports betting with an amount of $500,000. He was caught for stalking a $500,000 in a football match between teams like NY Giants and SF 49ers. Betting has always been his passion and he is known to stalk an amount of $2 million in case of a boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao and he had put the wager on Mayweather. He is the celebrity most popular with the art of gambling with better and sheer winning chances. 

Floyd Mayweather

His name is popular in the genre of boxing and he loves gaming and gambling at the same time. He had a stunning career between the years 1996 and 2015 and made a remarkable comeback in the year 2017. He is 43 years old and he loves gambling from the core of his heart. He has a net worth of $500 million and he does not want to put a stop to his gambling inclination. He is on his way to give out the specifics of his betting style with the best of fans on the social media platform. He loves super bowl betting and can put on the money with confidence on the wager that he thinks to be right. Mayweather is an inspiration for aspiring gamblers and he has told the world that to gamble with perfection you need brain more than money.  

Charles Barkley

Once again a basketball player Charles Barkley is also known to be the analyst as part of the NBA insider. He has his nickname as Sir Charles with the best of fame and reputation down the years. Being the Round Mound of Rebound he has worked hard in establishing himself as the greatest member of the National Basketball Association with an astounding playing career all through. He is the one known to bet on the vaster side. He is so much into gambling that he has lost an amount of $1 million thirty times. However, this was after the winning incident of $700,000 as part of the Superbowl challenge. He is in actual trouble when things become unaffordable and it is hard to bet any longer. There is nothing that can stop him and he has no intention to back out. 


Above you have the list of celebrities of Ghana, Africa origin who love gambling from all perspectives. Technology has made it so easy both for the commoners and the tycoons to sit and best from the comfort of their homes. Gambling is a solution to boredom in life till the time you can afford it gladly. For some, it is an addiction and they are ready to give up everything in life for the sake of gambling. None of the gamblers would wish to lose money as they take to sport to win more and more. And for the addicts, it is just the way to show power through effective betting. The urge of betting will help in keeping up with the tempo and people move on in life with the aspiration to win more cash as a dedicated gambler. The game is made right with the best combination of luck and risk and when you win you are the king at the same time being a celebrity in your genre.



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