Watch (Video): NOT SENSE By Jesse KoolJoe Mood

American based Ghanaian artiste, Jesse KoolJoe Mood has released the visuals for “NOT SENSE”, his new song.

KoolJoe who spent a large part of his life in Darkuman during his time in Ghana prior to his move to The States – East Side of Columbus, Ohio to be precise has being at his best, lifting Ghana’s flag high.

The inspiration behind the song is simple: Basically, regardless of the situations one’s going through, giving up on one’s dreams is never an option.

One must push hard, stay determined and more especially, work in silence because “a listening ear can also have a running mouth”.

One must push – and stay pushing because that’s the only way to make it in this challenge-filled life.

Wonna know the reason why he’s called KoolJoe? Well, the name’s actually Cudjoe but his folks in The States are unable to pronounce it correctly and they have sort of metamorphosed the name into “KoolJoe” which has since stuck!

Watch the video of “Not Sense” below:

YouTube video