Ghanaian female electrician breaks the internet with her pictures


What a man can do, a woman can even do better!

If this saying has been but another inspirational buffoonery that has been peddled to you over the years, the story of one Ghanaian lady will inspire you to think otherwise.

The lady, who has been identified as one Ajara Yahaya, reportedly is an electrical engineer, who lives in Zongo area of Techiman, Techiman is the capital of Techiman Municipal of the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.

In pictures, that have since gone viral, Ms. Yahaya is seen performing electrical repairs, climbing power poles and working on a streetlight in one of the pictures.

Regularly, these photos would not draw such attention from social media, but the backstory behind them have created a certain buzz.

Some sects on social media are especially impressed that Yahaya is making such strides in an industry that is generally reserved for men.

Ms. Ajara Yahaya, one the other hand, seems very pleased with herself (who wouldn’t be). On her Facebook page, she was very thankful to one Mr. Patrick for teaching her how to “work on streetlights.”

She posted several pictures showing herself at work with some other people.