Ghanaians on twitter are not giving Kantanka Automobiles, a Ghana-based automotive assembler and manufacturer, a breathing space on the micro-blogging platform.

The manufacturers of various automobiles have come under intense criticism by a section of Ghanaians who feel that they’re not doing enough despite the massive support from the government. The Government in 2019 handed Kantanka Automobile Company a 10-year tax holiday by the government. The company was also given a duty free deal when they import the materials for assembling and manufacturing purposes.

Despite the support, a lot of peeps on social media feel that the company continues to invent machines that are either too expensive for the ordinary Ghanaian or their inventions are somehow useless to them.

In a series of tweet, a lot Ghanaians expressed their opinions on Kantanka’s inventions.

One tweeted: “Kantanka got 10 years tax waiver from government and instead of manufacturing tricycles, motorbikes, this uber cars etc he is producing plane cars, bombs, military exo skeletons etc. Dont blame government for this.”

Someone said: “Kantanka en matter we talked about it last year there when he made that Ben10 caroplane no. Make you no come drag the President. The man could have used his 10 years tax waiver from government to manufacture these small cars, make it affordable so we all can buy some.”

Another added “Lmao Kantanka has been given all he needs to be impactful in the manufacturing sector. He rewards the faith the government put in him by inventing his childhood fantasies.”

Meanwhile, with only GHC 60,000 you can own a brand new Volkswagen (VW) car from the company’s assembling plant located at the North Industrial Area in Accra.

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SOURCE: EonlineGH.Com