Gospel Musician OJ Reveals He Was Disappointed When He Didn’t Win VGMAs 2014 Award With “Maye se mo pen”

Ghana Music Awards is full of its surprises. Well, in the year 2014, Bisa Kdei won the best songwriter of the year with his ‘give it to Baba’ song over OJ’s ‘Maye se mo pen’.

Lots of music lovers and critics expressed their displeasure with regards to Bisa Kdei winning that particular nod over OJ’s Maye se mo pen because taking the lyrics of both songs into consideration, there wasn’t any way Bisa Kdei gonna won that award but yes, it’s VGMAs we are talking about here, remember.

Well, OJ in an interview with Rainbow radio disclosed that yes, he was surprised and disappointed he didn’t win the 2014 songwriter of the year with his monster song, Maye se mo pen.

“I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t win that award. What kept running through my mind that evening was like, arrh so this song I wrote hadn’t impacted on people’s life? Secondly, I was like, so the people who voted, was it that they didn’t understand the song? I mean different thoughts were just running in my head and surprisingly after they gave that particular award to Bisa, next to perform was me so I had to strengthen myself in a way before I mounted the stage to perform.”

OJ right there expressing his disappointment for not winning 2014 songwriter of the year with his smash hit song, maye se mo pen.’

The ‘Nipa hia mmoa’ hitmaker also disclosed that calls he received from fans and friends, the encouragements were just overwhelming.

Source: Evershed S. Amekor/