The issue of Ghana’s independence is very intriguing.

On one hand, there’s general satisfaction derived from the fact that we are no longer under colonial role. On the other hand, there’s massive dissatisfaction derived from the fact that our perceived freedom from colonial rule appears to be totally theoretical. As it appears, we are independent in terms of being able to elect our own leaders but dependent on other nations for survival.

“……A black man can manage his own affairs”, professed Dr. Kwame Nkrumah but sixty-two years after gaining freedom from our colonial masters, can we really proclaim that “Ghana is free forever”……..?

In an Instagram post sighted by, actress Yvonne Nelson has registered her displeasure at the state of Ghana despite gaining freedom from colonial rule sixty-two years ago.

According to the celebrated actress, Ghana was sold ages ago. She also stressed that the citizens and leaders have failed our dear nation.