Queen Farcadi has hit the hammer on the head on the reason why she has decided to take up prostitution as a full time job.

Without any form of shame whatsoever, Queen Farcadi who’s without a kingdom was straightforward and revealed that she is extremely lazy hence finds sleeping with men for money as the easiest way to make ends meet.

Queen Farcadi doing what she does best!

Queen Farcadi, 24 is known to advertise her services on Snap chat. She recently hit the news headlines when she revealed that she has slept with countless number of men from different countries.

Taking sole responsibility for her decision of being a prostitute, Queen Farcadi said on the Delay show that “It’s my decision, it’s like you are lazy and don’t want to work so you have to use your body to get what you want … I am a lazy girl”.

Farcadi revealed that she has given a shot at working before but found out that she wasn’t “made” to work with her hands……Moreso, she decided to “cash out” with her private part when she realized that men aren’t faithful and are almost always in dire need of sex – the easy way out, eh?

Watch the interview below:

Source: EonlineGH.com