Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Ogidi Brown Explains Why He Signed New Artiste With ‘Schnapps And Eggs’

Days ago, the internet was lit with the photo of Fameye’s former manager, Ogidi Brown signing a new artiste but with a rare appearance of schnapps and eggs!! It seemed as though Ogidi Brown had been taught a bitter lessson by Fameye hence Brown didn’t want his “6 to be turned into 9 for the second time”. Precautionary steps had to be taken!! Others also felt that it was a mere ‘act’ to diverge attention to himself hence ensuring that his new artiste gains some form of social media popularity even before his song is played on air.

However, in an interview with MzGee, Ogidi Brown explained that it wasn’t a mere act but a real one which was premised by the unfair treatment meted out to him by ‘Nothing I get” hit maker, Fameye. After all, a lot of people are much more honest and well behaved when dealing with the gods, Brown observed.

He said:
“I know each and everyone knows that in Ghana, we have this tradition that exists. This time around, I decided to bring it in for each and every one doing the signing to see that we’re serious. It’s not a joke,” he said.

“People sometimes take advantage of certain things even in the church. They take things for granted but this tradition is tried and tested. People are scared of breaking it because of the consequence. Once it’s a contract, there has to be something to guides us all,”.

According to O. Brown, despite having Fameye under his record label, he (Fameye) is at large and he isn’t even aware of his whereabouts.

Brown said:

“He [Fameye] is still under OGB Music. We have a five-year-contract with him. It’s still running but he’s doing his own thing for now. I don’t even know his whereabouts so I have to bring in another artiste,”