Goaaaal!!!! Wait, the video Assistant Referee(VAR) might have spotted something and a check is ongoing, reports the commentator (preferably, Peter Drury). The check has been complete……and the goal has been ruled out for offside – a highly contentious decision.

The above has become a “worrying” situation for football as some people feel that football’s quest for perfection via the use of VAR is a hoax. Some feel that the joy of celebrating a goal has been sapped out of the game since players, fans and managers do not really have the “right” to celebrate goals anymore because of the likelihood of the VAR stepping in. Some also feel that it’s a great leap for football as the unfairness will be reduced drastically, however it is the implementation of the VAR which has left more to be desired.

A lot of football fans will definitely wonder about the sort of conversation which takes place between the on-field referee and the VAR.

Football fans in Australia were given a feel of that sort of communication during a game between Sydney FC and Melbourne City.

Watch what happened below:

Source: EonlineGH.com