Nacee releases gospel version of “Onaapo” & some fans are not happy

Ever since the campaign song,’ Onaapo’ became a hit song, there’s been brewing confusion over the ownership to the composition of the song. While celebrated gospel artist/producer, Nacee lays claim to the composition, arrangement and recording of the song, fast-rising artist, Dee Aja, is also taking control of the performing rights to the song.

Dee Aja has performed at high-profile concerts including the Ovation Carol Event in Nigeria which had the President, John Mahama in attendance.

The performance of the song on several platforms by Dee Aja, has been frowned upon by Nacee, who claims that the young artist accepts and performs the song without his permission.

Some observers have lashed out at Nacee for coming out publicly to lay claim to the song and to chastize Dee Aja for the performance of the song.

To them, Nacee is just full of sour grapes: he didn’t want to disclose that he was the one behind the song, which resulted in his decision to use Dee Aja to do the vocals and to star in the music video for the song.

After the song became a nationwide hit, and with Dee Aja getting all the recognition for the song, Nacee feels aggrieved.

To compound the issue, Nacee has released a gospel version of the song, called ‘Onaapa Attention’ and some fans have expressed their disdain for the song and the decision of the artist to make such a recording.

According to most disgruntled fans, the release of ‘Onaapo Attention’ is Nacee’s way of trying to sway the growing attention on the orginal ‘Onaapo’ song and Dee Aja. It is also his way of proving that, he made the original song.

Interestingly, Dee Aja, is said to have performed a gospel version of the song at the Ovation Carol Event in Nigeria.

Check it out.


Check out Nacee gospel version of ‘Onaapa’, he calls it ‘Onaapa Attention’