Hosting Miss Malaika Ghana & MTN Hitmaker Was A Very Stressful Experience – Berla Mundi

PHOTO: Berla Mundi

TV Presenter and host of Rhytmz Live on GHone TV, Berla Mundi, has shared her experience as host of two of Ghana’s biggest reality shows Miss Malaika Ghana & MTN Hitmaker.

The beautiful OAP revealed in a blog post that aside hosting these two reality shows, she had to also juggle radio and TV jobs on the side, making these few months hectic.

Explaining how she was able to pull through the 3 months journey, Berla attributed her strength to the Almighty God

“I believe its God because honestly if I had to rely on my own strength, I probably would have fallen off the wagon along the way.” she said

PHOTO: Berla Mundi

Speaking more on her journey so far, she explained how she enjoyed hosting Miss Malaika Ghana, how it had always been her lifelong dream to host the pageant and how she virtually didn’t have any more weekends to herself because she was always watching the per-recorded videos of the live shows. She wrote

This would be my second time officially as the host of the beauty pageant which was in its 15th year. The dream to host this pageant has been lifelong and it’s amazing that 6 years after partaking in this same competition that birthed my media career, I finally got the nod to become its official host.

Due to the nature of my job, I recorded mostly on weekends and that clearly meant I didn’t have my weekends to myself for some weeks but I never complained. If there’s anything I’ve been really excited about hosting, it would have to be Miss Malaika. My attachment to this show has clearly been because of my history with the pageant and how it transformed my life and made me the person I am today and I always hope it does same for the delegates in the subsequent years.

PHOTO: Berla Mundi


Berla Mundi again mentioned that even on the Grand finale where beauty pageant was about to wrap up, she had a terrible cold and cough and the most painful sore throat — and she prayed that she it won’t be noticed through a cough

“Boy was I tired on the final night. Mind you I had just wrapped up MTN Hitmaker about three days before and the stress had barely said goodbye to my body as I went back to my normal work schedules whiles awaiting the finale of Miss Malaika. I had a terrible cold and cough and the most painful sore throat I had experienced in years and I guess it was due to straining my voice but did I have an excuse? No!! Water was my best friend that night as it was the only soothing remedy for my throat and everytime I stepped on stages, I prayed I wouldn’t cough in-between my takes. Lucky me. Hahahaha….The crowd gets me queasy usually at the beginning but I got a hold of it and carried on with my duty for the night” she wrote