Yvonne Nelson Might NOT Be Getting Married EVER – She’s Done With Men For Good!

This story might break some few hearts – mostly fans who are crushing on the actress!
Sexy, long-legged actress Yvonne Nelson is said to be done with men – not only men but relationships in general, be it friendships or dating.
A source close to the actress reveals to EonlineGhana.Com exclusively that Yvonne is done with relationships after suffering few heart breaks in the past and therefore has vowed not to give her heart to any man at least not at the moment. A memorable experience is the heart break she suffered from Nigerian musician Inyaya who decided to just “use” and “dump” her even though their love affair was quite a promising one.
The source added that Yvonne was quite into Inyaya ” she trusted the guy so much that she gave her all into the relationship, She [Yvonne] wasn’t looking for anything but a long time boyfriend to satisfy her needs, she was quite heartbroken when it ended suddenly, she cried and stayed indoors for weeks”.
The source also reveals that her perception of men and relationships just like many other women out there who have been dumped before is that men are simply liars and cheats, therefore she trusts no man. “In fact Yvonne hardly finds company with any one except John [Dumelo] whom she described as a true friend until their recent online brouhaha. She used to call him for advice and help in times of need – she is still traumatized by the heart breaks” the source added
According to the snitch, Yvonne is also done with friendships most especially on the feminine side. “She has/trusts no female friends in the industry especially after what happened between her and Sandra [Ankobiah], Yvonne just hangs around with these ladies to movie premiers, looking all twinkly, but deep within she has no interest in befriending any”
In case you didn’t know, Sandra Ankobiah, a lawyer & actress, was once Yvonne Nelson’s best pal but their relationship ended on reasons still unknown to us. Sandra later decided to befriend Yvonne Okoro who was also very close to Yvonne Nelson and therefore Y.N had to cut Yvonne Okoro loose too – “Yvonne now avoids these two and if there is a show which these two are headlining or going to be present then she will avoid it altogether – She is not ready to smoke the peace pipe anytime soon with them – she is simply not on talking terms with them,When it comes to friendships, Yvonne would rather trust a man than a fellow lady” the source added
“From recent heartbreaks and disappointments Yvonne has suffered over the years, it will take an “angel” to convince her into marriage, Yvonne has given up on love” our source concluded
EonlineGhana.Com is also reliably informed that her once best friend John Dumelo has also totally abandoned their friendship after Yvonne openly dissed him online. John hardly say hi to the long legged actress and they are hardly seen together nowadays…..
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