The Afro-pop musician Emmanuel Owusu- Bonsu popularly called Wanluv Kubolor has stated that he feels sorry for Jesus Christ anytime he enters a church seeing him being hanged on the cross suffering for sins he didn’t commit.

He said he is unable to sit and concentrate on the teachings by pastors upon seeing Jesus Christ’s pictures hanged in churches portraying his suffering on the cross.

Wanluv Kubolor said he prefers going to church where there are plenty and beautiful women who will take her mind off the pains Jesus went through on the cross.

The brother of musician Sister Debby said the artistic impression of Jesus Christ hanged in some churches is a source of worry to him and that he will not go to a church which lacks beautiful women.

The former driver of the Head pastor of Royal House Chapel Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah said he has stopped going to church because he’s tired of becoming a born again Christian over and over again.

‘I feel pity for Jesus Christ anytime I go to church, I’m unable to concentrate when I see photos of him suffering on the cross.’ monitored on ATTU.

He described his friends King Ayesoba and Mensa who smoke ‘wee’ as good friends explaining that ‘wee’ has so many nutritional value.

He said smoking ‘wee’ makes him sleep for uncontrollable hours hence stopped smoking.

Kubolor said the first time he smoked ‘wee’ was in Uganda after so many years people had approached him to buy ‘wee’ taking him to be a ‘wee’ seller because of his dreadlocks.

‘I don’t get anything from smoking wee but some people do, they say it takes off their stress,’ he said.

Some of his songs include: ‘Ah well, konkonsa, trotro blues, trapoing in Africa, Kwacha etc