I Paid A Blogger GHC7,200 To Insult Me For 6 months So I Can Be Famous–Rosemond Brown

Attention seeking whore, Rosemond Brown, has admitted that her fame didn’t come cheap as most people may perceive. More precisely, it cost her GHC7200 to achieve the hype she is enjoying now.

 Rosemond Brown with Akumaa Mama Zimbi
Rosemond Brown with Akumaa Mama Zimbi

Rosemond Brown, known widely for her ridiculous antics on social media, revealed in an interview on Okay FM that she paid a blogger GHC300 every week for them to purposely insult her on their page.

According to her, she reached out to ThoseSoCalledCelebrities, a popular page on instagram and greased their palms with an amount of GHc300 a week to insult her for 6 months.

And of course, her hard work paid off since other bloggers took notice and started writing stories about her.

“I contacted [the page] those so called celebrities and paid them GH300 every week for 6 months. It’s not easy to seek for fame. They said negative things about me including labeling me a whore. But they were all antics employed by myself. That should tell you how aggressive I am. All those insults that I got, it is not easy” she said in a video by Ronnie is everywhere.

Watch her full confession in the video below.

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