I was almost raped – Eno Barony recounts her experience

Eno Barony claims one of Ghana’s popular artiste attempted to rape her when she showed up for a late-night recording session.

According to the rapper, although the studio session was scheduled rather late at night, she had no second thoughts about going for the session as she was overcome with excitement, having been called by the popular artiste.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Eno Barony revealed that before the session began, she was offered some food to eat and later some chewing gum.

Although she ate the food, she refused to chew the gum.

According to the Rap Goddess hitmaker claimed that things began to go downhill after that.

Her artiste friend became very insistent that she chews the gum. This turned into an argument and then a scuffle between the two.

Eno Barony said after a bit of a struggle, she managed to get free from him and managed to get away unharmed.

She later suspected that the gum might have been laced with some date-rape drug.

The ‘Fear No Man’ artiste, however, refused to name the other artiste involved in the matter.

Source: MyJoyOnline