Problems Ladies Have To Deal With

We ladies, are proud of our femininity, but we go through struggles, that makes us feel discouraged. From period pains to wearing high heels, we sometimes feel like giving up. Below are a few of the problems ladies have to deal with.
That moment when you least expect your visitor.
And the war in your ovaries and uterus during that RED period. Spending money on pads, tampons and period pain killers. Arggghh.
And we become moody or eat a lot.

Awkward moment: When you are buying your feminine products and the cashier is a guy.

Doing hair and makeup
We perm our hair and get burns and sores afterwards. We do braids and either get rashes around the braids (especially corn row) or our necks get stiff)

We spend more money on our hair.
Male hair budget: 5 cedis
Female hair budget: 500 cedis

Very annoying: When we do our hair, then as soon as you step out of the salon, midway, it begins to rain.
We wear our makeup, for instance, mascara and when we want to cry, the black mascara paint rolls down, instead of tears.

mulan matchmaker
And we go through makeup struggles.

We prep our feet for heels, we practise walking in them in our rooms and do it perfectly, only to go out with them and inevitably do the awkward walk or give up and stumble.

The day we decide to wear flare skirts and the wind catches your dress and takes it for a ride.
The wind has different plans for you.

When you are going for check up and the doctor is a male.


Watch out for part 2.

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But we rock!!!!