I Wasn’t Kneeling Before My Husband, I Was Sitting On A Stool – Gifty Anti

Yesterday, a photo of celebrated broadcaster Gifty Anti purportedly showing her kneeling before her husband went viral online.

In the said photo, the popular broadcaster was kneeling at the feet of her husband, Nana Ansah Kwao sparking a strong debate on feminism which she strongly advocates for.

A group of commentators who parade themselves online as feminists argue that it’s gender biased for women to kneel at the feet of their husbands because it is a sign of inequality which can be equaled to a master-servant relationship.

However, in a post on instagram, the award winning journalist reacting to the online publications revealed that she was not kneeling before the husband but was rather sitting on a stool. She also questioned why kneeling before her husband who is also a chief will make her less of a feminist.

She wrote:

Well it seems the word FEMINISM and the coming up of young ladies joining the movement is scaring some people.
It was my birthday, 23rd January, 2017, and my husband gave me a stool. I was so excited and honored. He put me on the stool and I hugged him.
But well according to some bloggers, I was kneeling before my husband and so some feminists are ‘heartbroken’. Lord have mercy

And by the way what if I was kneeling before my husband?(who is a chief too). Does it make me less of a feminist? Which feminist code does loving your husband break? My Name is Oheneyere Gifty Anti and yes I am a FEMINIST, married with many children