“I’ll Campaign For Any Political Party but It Will Cost You A Lot Of Money” — EL

EL-ELOMThe reigning artist of the year Elorm Adablah known in showbiz as EL has revealed in an interview that he will only consider campaigning for any political party only if the deal or money involved will extremely change his life.

The rapper speaking on Class FM with presenter Natalia indicated that he is very non-partisan and therefore will only do it if there is a lot of money involved

“First I’ll ask how much are we talking about? If it’s something that it’s going to extremely change my life in a new and positive way and possibly offset our national budget at a point in time. You’ll just have to way the odds. In fact I’m very non-partisan when it comes to who I align my music and songs to. I’ll normally not do it under any circumstances and if I’m going to do it then it’s going to cost you like a lot of money” he said.