DOPE! Kwame Baah Releases New Promo Pictures

It is always good for an artiste to step out and give people the image behind his/her art. Kwame Baah is one of the few up and coming artistes who is always up to something. His recently released song “SWAG” is doing very well both on the internet and radio. He decided to show his fans and the world the image behind the good songs he has been releasing with these promo pictures. These pictures are very different from the promo photos other artistes have been releasing because of the locations these photos were taken. Kwame Baah is obviously here to stay as he introduces to us his brand he calls #AdinkraSWAG. These photos were taken by @JayStormy1 from AGA PHOTOGRAPHY. Follow Kwame Baah on all social media @KwameBaahGH .. #itsKwame!Rapper Kwame Baah KwameBaah

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