In recent times, several “self-styled” prophets and pastors have invaded the public space, spelling prophesies of doom on Ghanaian celebrities.

Okyeame Kwame who have heard and obviously not happy about this development has threatened to take legal actions against any pastor who publicly mentions his name in relation to the “spiritual terrorism” gaining roots in the industry.

The Rap Doctor in a post cautioned these pastors and prophets to keep his name out of their mouth since artists also had families and were not only “good for public spectacle”

In a post on Facebook, Okyeame Kwame wrote;

All the Pastors ,Prophets who are are saying Publicly that this Musician Will die and this is cursed and this one will that . Please Stop . Artiste have feelings we have families we are not only good for public spectacle . From today if any a pastor publicly mentions my name in this spiritual terrorism I will sue the person !!!!!!!!”