I’m Confident In My Own Skin

“They said we could not be successful due to our skin colour ! Africa we shall rise “

Shades of the black skin* under the theme : *Am Confident In My Own Skin* is a project that aims to educate and create awareness about the appreciation of our individual skin shades.

History has us cooped up in the ideologies that We as African females can not break the glass ceiling and succeed due to various different factor . One particular factor we notice was our skin .



Our mission is to break such societal norms , raise and cultivate young leading females who are confident in their skin..

Through helping women find confidence in their natural skin,how to treat their skin,and maintain their shades,this project has been Put together to educate and cultivate our generation that no matter your skin shade you are beautiful and can achieve whatever you put your mind to without hinderances and we used the medium as platform to also emphasis that no one shade is superior than the other. We are all one and we can change the narrative just the way we are !

*Project by Rama De Jesus*

*Pioneered by De’Legacy Group*

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