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Ghana is full of interesting and very talented young adults who are hiding under their beds, or are not yet been noticed. Today, I pulled one out from underground, and interviewed him. He is a very interesting young man and fun to chat with

Today on EOnline Ghana, we have an interview with an MC and a rapper who is trying to make it in the music game.


Kwaku Boateng, popularly known as Rojayjay, was born in Accra to a family who love and invest into music.

Marietta: Hello Rojayjay. You are welcome to EOnline Ghana.

Rojayjay: Thanks, Marie for having me here this evening.

Marietta: Where are you from?

Rojayjay: I’m a full blooded Ghanaian from three (3) parts of Ghana. My dad is from the Ashanti Region, my mum is from Kwahu in the Eastern Region, and I am a Ga by birth.

Marietta: Which one was your first love; MC or Rap?

Rojayjay: It was Rap. It has always been music……Rap to be precise.

Marietta: Nice. So tell me how you fell in love with rap?

Rojayjay: Well, I can’t fully remember but I loved the way the Rap artistes back in the days dressed and carry themselves. I listened to a wide range of music but I naturally fell for the art rapping. I started to copy and eventually began doing my own thing.


Marietta: That’s nice. Anyway, what inspired you to become an emcee?

Rojayjay: Oh! Hosting events start when my friends at church decided that I emcee a youth mutual. I was a teenager then. I loved to talk, and could make people laugh. Perhaps I was trying to also impress a girl I liked in our group.

Marietta: Eish. Confession has come.

Rojayjay: Oh yeah. It motivated me. As time went on, I loved to watch KKD host the Miss Ghana/Embassy Pleasure Dance Competitions.

Marietta: As an MC, which one do you prefer, working alone, or doing it with someone?

Rojayjay: Any is ok with me, provided my co-MC is very good….. I get to learn too.

Marietta: Alright, so, do you have any local MC you admire to work with?

Rojayjay: Oh yeah…. KKD, Kwame Sefa Kayi, Naa Ashorkor, Bola Ray. Not forgetting, Kabutey Ocansey, and a new guy I met Ray Ray.


Marietta: Now, let’s talk about rap. Who influenced your style of rap?

Rojayjay: Wow! I would say Reggie Rockstone, locally and Eminem, internationally. Many other good rappers do though, but these two are my core favourites. People have said I sound like like M.anifest and Sarkodie also.

Marietta: M.anifest and Sarkodie??? That’s a funny combination at this time of our lives.

Rojayjay: Haha. Yeah, a very funny one.

Marietta: True. Who do you want to work with in the future? In terms of rap.

Rojayjay: Eeii…that will be a tall list. M.anifest, Reggie Rockstone, EL, Gemini, Jayso, Cabum, Okyeame Kwame, Edem, Mensa


Marietta: Apart from being an MC, and being in the studios rapping, what work do you do?

Rojayjay: I also work as a hotel reservations agent. Helping people find accommodation, and other things they need to support their visit to Ghana, be it for business or pleasure

Marietta: Oh ok. That’s a cool job

Rojayjay: Yeah….it’s very interesting meeting and dealing with different kinds of people and making them happy.

Marietta: I can see that. What’s a day in the life of Rojayjay? We want to know.

Rojayjay: A day in the life, well, will depend on my previous day and the plans I have for the week. But on a normal day, I will lazy around, being on my phone, thus if I’m not working. If I have work or I’m heading to town, I listen to music per my mood. I will watch movies and TV shows if I’m staying home too. Lest I forget, I eat too.

Marietta: What challenges have you faced in your MC and rap game?

Rojayjay: With hosting events, some clients don’t want to pay the right charges. Sometimes, failure to coordinate the event makes my work harder. As a rapper, some challenges I face has to do with promotion….where DJs of radio stations want something before my song is played. What it is, I don’t know. Meanwhile, a DJ in Nigeria or South Africa is just playing my music.

Marietta: Do you think, it is money?

Rojayjay: I think it is money, and how big you are in the game. I also think it’s because my kinda music isn’t commercial or appealing to the masses. I have had situations where music managers would like to help but they hear the songs and don’t get back to you because they can’t sell it. I understand it’s business for them, but if you are a business man and believe in a product or service, you find whatever way to make the people buy it. Because of this challenge, many rappers aren’t making it big in Ghana.


Marietta: Yeah. I see. What things do you wish to accomplish in your life? Mention about three.

Rojayjay: I hope to get to a level in the entertainment industry where I can, one, influence people to make positive changes in their lives to affect society. Two, to help upcoming talents and three, share with others the truth I find from anywhere, as in my church, and inspired people.

Marietta: Any upcoming releases?

Rojayjay: Yeah, I’m about to release a new single titled History featuring Kobby Prairie (a soul singer and keyboardist) and January, formerly of RnM (Vodafone Icons Fame). It was inspired by a real life story.

Marietta: Great. Give some shout outs.

Rojayjay: Big shouts out to my mum who believed I could do music, and tried to link me up, with others in the music industry back in the days. My kid brother and sister. My kid brother and sister. All Rojayjains, Pokua, Glory, Christie, Karl Blay, Don, Kem Jezzy, Esko…..all of the Talk Is Cheap gropu, Enikay, Pynsche One, J. Blizz, Hype Lyrix, Koo Ntakra, Grey, Derty, Flo-Eazy, DJ Maquin (the Resident President of Raypower Radio, Abuja-Nigeria), my Fabulous Team members, and everybody who loves what I do. God bless them all. And to you too, for great work you are doing.

Marietta: Thank you!

Rojayjay: My pleasure


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