5 Vital Lessons The Youth Can Learn From YOLO TV SERIES

I saw this interesting piece written by Sir Article and I decided to share it with you today. YOLO TV series which gained popularity among the youth has arguably impacted a lot ever since its inception.

YOLO does not only seek to entertain but also to inform, educate and also put to bare some of the negative actions which threatens the youth — our choices have consequences – You Only Live Once! Don’t do anything you will regret!

A chunk of young people in Ghana are literally engrossed in YOLO TV Series, arguably the foremost youth oriented television drama in our nation. In fact, it is my most favourite TV series at the moment, because it has really educated me on pressing youth issues in an absolutely fascinating way. If I had the chance to choose between watching YOLO and UEFA Champions League Final, I would avidly watch YOLO and forget the UEFA match.

Moreover, the Daily Guide once published that, “YOLO [is] a professionally pieced television drama series from the stables of Ivan Quarshiga’s Farmhouse Productions… It is a sequel to ‘Things We Do For Love,’ the popular television drama that held the nation spellbound during the late 90’s and 2000’s.” And as a Ghanaian youth who actually adores YOLO TV Series, I hereby present 5 vital lessons the youths can learn from it.

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(1) Promiscuity is completely wrong:
Drogba or Bro. Charles, one of my favourite characters, is depicted as promiscuity personified who also flaunts his sexually immoral abilities. Unfortunately, he got exposed to an STI and other sexually related troubles like unwanted pregnancy etc. Therefore, let us shun promiscuity because it is ungodly.