How The Internet Reacted When TV Personality A.J. Sarpong Revealed Her Real Age

Yesterday, October 3 ,Television personality A.J Sarpong nearly put the internet world into a frenzy after she revealed she was barely 25 years old.

The bright bubbly producer through a series of photos which were released online ahead of her birthday party celebration revealed that she was 24 years and that’s when people started raising eyebrows, doubting her age.

According to her followers, she looks too old for her age and therefore that could only mean she was rather pulling their legs.

The presenter however felt unperturbed by their comments and reactions and therefore decided to break down the figures to her real age for many to understand and this was when we realized she was really an achiever.

Check out her post.

Credit:Aj Sarpong

capture-20161004-084758So there you have it. A.J is yet to turn 25 and it’s quite amazing how much she has accomplished at such a young age.

Read some comments on how people reacted to her real age on facebook.

1Below are also photos she released earlier where she shows off her gorgeous curves in these clothes by Fast rising celebrity designer Anutua Creations (ig @anutuacreations) with Her makeup by fabulous makeup artiste Naa Whyte of Face Talks GH (ig @facestalksgh) and the Pictures which were captured by Creative Photographer Kwasi Asante Agyapong of King Kweku Ananse Photography (ig @kingkwekuananse_photography).

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