Lydia Forson In A Serious Fight With Internet Bullies Who Have A Problem With Her Weight

“What makes anyone think that I need to hear about what my body looks like? Gosh I live with myself 24/7 surely I should know more about myself than you.???” – Lydia Forson

If you’ve been following chubby actress Lydia Forson for a while now you would have realized that she has been fighting back and forth with trolls who have been criticizing her body.
Even though Lydia claims she is quite comfortable with her body, a section of her “fans” (or let’s say page likers) feel that she will look good if she lost a ton of weight.

The actress who had felt the wrath of internet bullies in a blog post titled “Bullying the Bully” described how she paid one bully in his own coin.

After the just ended Glitz Style Awards, the actress was heavily criticized for her look on the night — with some claiming she looked ugly. One bully who got on the outspoken actress’s nerve decided to attack her personally and leave stories of attack on her page and this was how Lydia defended herself


Now usually I ignore, delete or block such a person, however this time I was inclined to try an experiment I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I wanted to see how this young man would respond if he were on the receiving end of ridicule.

So I did the pettiest thing and put his picture up, encouraging others to have an opinion about him as well. And just as I thought, within minutes several people were going in on him and probably giving him more grief than he gave me. In the long run he had to make his page private and run for shelter.

In a related blog post written by the actress titled “Right TO An Opinion, Does NOT Make The Opinion RIGHT” the actress again told a story of an encounter she had with another man who thought he had an opinion about her look.


I met a guy I know casually(not personally in anyway).
He walked up to me and said, “eiii Lydia you need to lose weight. ”
I stopped had a good look at him and calmly said, ” and you need to work on your potbelly, weight and face”. Fair right? Then he says” oh but I’m a man oh, my own is different” , I again calmly said ” if you don’t look like David Beckham you shouldn’t ask me to look like Victoria, besides its your problem fix it”.

It’s quite sad when people you don’t know think they can have an opinion about how you look.


Here’s the thing, I love my fans die!! But loving and appreciating people never gives them the right to disrespect me.
You can have an opinion about me and the things I do, that’s your right. However each right comes with a responsibility.

If you’re going to come on my page and disrespect and insult me know that I won’t take it, never.

I will give it right back to you. Lydia wrote on her page.

Lydia today shared a throwback picture of herself in Akosombo International School around 1997 and as you can see from the picture below, she wasn’t always fat so you guys should stop trolling her or she may give you a taste of your own medicine. Do you think any one has the right to ask the actress to loose weight?

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