Introducing – An Auction Website With A Big Promise

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I’m pretty sure most of us have, but have you ever heard of live auctions? Again I’m sure most of us have, but have you heard of live auctions online? Right here in Ghana?

Yeah, you probably haven’t heard of that yet.

However this is all about to change. One of the Ghanaian-made players on the local ecommerce scene, is set to change that with the introduction of, a live auctions website where people have been known to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 for as little as GH¢ 6.30. Yes, that happened. The auction was worn by one, Rick Jr, in AhonyaBid‘s first ever.

First Bid - AhonyaBid

So how does work?

As simple as ABC really. The How It Works page on the website pretty much tells it all but here’s a less elaborate version.

  • You buy bids.
  • Select an auction
  • Place your bids
  • Pray you win.

You can actually manipulate the prayer side of the whole process, just make sure you’re the last bidder and the product is yours.

Obviously, this is a rather flawed method to use if you want to actually win some bids and get products at virtually 90% off, thus the team themselves have come up with a number of tips and tricks to aide your shopping with them. (Because in the end, what you are doing is shopping). Here are my favorites.

  • The time of day is very important for getting the price you want and narrowing down the competition.
  • Place your bids using a certain strategy; bid early, late or always on top.
  • Keep your eyes always focused on the countdown timer.
  • Don’t bid too late and miss out! (If you do, keep your eye open for that product again, it’ll be back.)
  • Set a realistic amount you are willing to pay for an item.
  • Every item on sells at rock bottom bargain prices, but it is better to start on some of the lower priced products and work your way up.
  • Cheaper products tend to have fewer bidders and therefore are more likely to win. Once you get the hang of and develop your strategy, you’re more likely to win the major items.
  • Having a large amount of bids in your account will ensure you don’t run out of bids when you are in auction and miss out on getting the deal you were bidding on.

So far, the company is the first to have a live auction website in Ghana and speaking to Gerard Yitamkey, who is CEO of, mother company of, he did mention how they were flying completely blind into an area of no previous data in this our side of the world, but they have been able to sell a few products and it seems they are beginning to pick up.

Closed Auctions - AhonyaBid

Obviously, to have any proper feel of the website, you’d have to buy bids. The current packages range from 25 cedis to a 100 cedis and I cannot reiterate enough how important it is to have a large number of bids during any auction process.

Buy Bids- AhonyaBid

Do you think is ready to take on the,, and other ecommerce platforms in Ghana?

Go on, win and auction on