Yes! It is official. Wendy Shay who was recently crowned the queen mother of Gomoa-Afranse has also been crowned “The dumbest musician in Ghana”.

The musician who once called out a TV presenter for asking a seemingly dumb question has been making some dumb statements lately which even a 2-year old will shy away from.

It's convincingly true that Wendy Shay is dumb and her social media posts lately proves it too.
It’s convincingly true that Wendy Shay is dumb and her social media posts lately proves it too.

How she continues to pour out such daft statements on her social media pages daily amazes me.

In 2015, the The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) banned celebrities from advertising alcoholic beverages — a measure put in place to ensure that minors are protected from being lured into alcoholism. Not just that, the FDA has also banned both advertisement and Live Presenter Mention(LPM) of alcoholic beverages in the media before 8pm.

This policy has been in existence for years and Wendy Shay who not long ago came into the music scene thinks she knows it all and therefore calling on her colleague musicians to wake up and resist the policy.

What’s interesting is the fact that she has equally failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt why this policy is unfair to celebrities.

Today, she wrote yet another dumb statement after the FDA responded to her earlier call for the ban to be lifted.

Her argument is that the FDA claims to be protecting the interest of children by not allowing celebrities to advertise alcoholic drinks, however, they’re also cashing in on alcoholic beverages by approving them for sale — an act she claims is unfair to celebrities.

She wrote

FDA thx for de reply.U endorse alcohol n make cash by approving it to be sold,but you claim to protect children when a celeb wants to make money by advertising it?UNFAIR! If you truly care abt the kids and not the money then why approve it in first place?FDA alone wan chop ..GH wake up!‬

Of course, this policy did not just span into existence. It is based on research and studies conducted over the years.

Research has shown that alcohol advertising is linked to ‘higher risk’ boozing among young people. The most common sources of marketing awareness were TV adverts, celebrity endorsements and special offers, according to their findings.

In Ghana, it’s illegal for an individual under the age of 18 to buy or be sold alcohol, and this is part of the policies to prevent minors from being exposed to alcohol.

The FDA is the regulatory authority mandated to regulate any substance we take into our body, including alcohol. Wendy’s logic is that since there’s a policy barring celebs from advertising alcohol, the FDA should equally place a total ban on the sale of alcoholic drinks — if they indeed care about the well being of minors.

Wendy Shay acting in her own selfish interest believes that her income matters most and not the good of her fan base who are mostly the youth.

It’s convincingly true that Wendy Shay is dumb and her social media posts lately proves it too. It’s hard to believe that an educated person like her will not take time to research on why this policy is in existence or even visit the FDA to learn more about it but would rather sit on social media and spill what she calls a wake up call to Ghanaian celebrities.

Wendy Shay wake up! you’re too dumb.