Actress Nana Ama McBrown wrote an emotional piece as she shared baby bump photos after giving birth in Canada a few days ago.

The actress has been struggling for years to give birth and according to her she heard all the public ridicules through out her lonely moments.

She was however grateful to God for honoring her with a child of her own
She shared the photos with the caption;

“I’ve had many tears and sorrows
I’ve had questions for tomorrow
There’ve been times I felt so all alone
But in my lonely hours
Yes, those precious lonely hours
God let me know that I was His own
I thank God for the Mountains, the Storms, the Valleys, the Ridicules, through it all I learned to trust in Him and God has given me Blessed Consolation. This is what faith In God could do. Believe In HIM For Your TESTIMONY #MYTESTIMONY IS HERE”.

Check out all photos of Mcbrown’s baby bump below.