Ivan Quashigah Reveals Secret Behind Fella Makafui’s Yolo Persona

Ivan Quashigah [Film maker, Producer, Director and C.E.O of Farmhouse Productions] treated guests at the MTN Shortz Workshop held on the 5th of September, 2018 at the MTN House to explosive insights on the basics of film making.

During his presentation, he made a very startling revelation about Fella Makafui.

Considering the fact that Makafui performed her role tremendously as Serwaa, a local bread seller during the YOLO Series, the information stunned the numerous participants of the Workshop.

Ivan revealed that Makafui was initially skeptical and complained bitterly when he dished out her role [as a local bread seller] in the popular series to her. The award winning film producer, Ivan revealed that in a bid to have her role changed, she even wept. “Everyone is speaking good English and you want me to speak bad English, Fella Makafui lamented”, he said.

Would Fella Makafui have hit the headlines and achieved her current status of stardom if she had acted the YOLO series as a different persona?