‘Autistic’ A-Plus Recounts How He Beat His English Teacher

Social media commentator and political activist A Plus, has recounted the situation which led to him beating up his English teacher when he was just 16 years old.

A Plus was accused by a lot of Ghanaians for being ‘needlessly violent’ during his ‘clash’ with Halifax Ansah Addo on Saturday, 7th August, 2021 during UTV’s United Showbiz which was hosted by Abeiku Santana.

A Plus ‘nearly attacked’ Halifax Addo when the latter questioned the former’s absence at the #fixthecountry demonstration which took place on August 4, 2021.

In response to the incident, a social media commented on A-Plus’ Facebook page; “A Plus has autism. He beat his headmaster and left the school”.

However, A Plus revealed he didn’t beat up the headmaster but Mr. Aryee aka Odo Fever an English teacher “who beat kids like horses in a race”.

A plus revealed that he beat the said teacher “very well” and that if given the opportunity, “he’ll do it again”.

See his post below:

Please please always get your facts right!!! It was not the headmaster.

It was the English teacher called Mr Aryee aka Odo Fever. I was only 16 years then.

I beat him well well. If I get the opportunity I’ll do it again -teachers beat kids like horses in a race. Not me!!

I’ve spent my whole life fighting people who think they can use their power or position to intimidate others; even when I was a teenager. Yeah, I’m autistic!!!

SOURCE: Kwame Baiden/