The MTN Shortz Workshop – An Introduction To The Movie World

Leading telecommunications giant, MTN’s quest to ensure that the digital space is utilized effectively and efficiently, today organized a workshop to enlighten the various stakeholders about the basics of film making.

After the launch of MTN Shortz, such a workshop came in very handy since there was the need to educate potential participants about the “do’s and don’ts” of film making.

Henrietta Sackey, a member of the content team for MTN at exactly 9:30am, introduced the workshop.

Ivan Quashigah [Film maker, Producer, Director and C.E.O of Farmhouse Productions] was the first resource personnel. He took the various participants through the basics of film making.

His presentation stressed on the necessary steps one needs to take in order to write a good script [such as keeping the practicalities of writing in mind, finding single moments, engaging the reader as well as being brief as much as possible] and pragmatic steps one can adapt in shooting a good short film [such as being innovative, engaging the audience, embedding some elements of surprise as well as staying focused and true to the theme of the story].

He tasked potential film makers and actors to make maximum use of the internet through research about the technicalities of film making.

Yao Ladzekpo, a cinematographer and lecturer at the National Film and Television Institute [NAFTI] later took the stage to share his knowledge and experiences on the art and science of cinematography.

He served participants with his knowledge, which ranged from the factors that make a powerful visual [such as the authenticity of visual, how the visual reflects human experiences, the archetypal characters of the visual and the cultural relevance of the visual] to the psychology behind the camera height [how the height at which the camera used to take a picture stresses the relevance and authority, the irrelevance and the notoriety of individuals].

There was also a script writing competition. The writers whose scripts were adjudged as the best and second best were awarded with a mobile phone each.

Altogether, it was a very interactive, educative and interesting workshop.